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Reading your favorite fiction books

Written by Ryan Smeltz


Posted on February 08 2021

There are many distractions available to us nowadays but undoubtedly there are many people who still love to read. More than 1.8 billion books are sold daily in the United States. Books are a source of learning for us, they teach us about the world and also enhance our vocabulary and writing skills. Many people love reading books based on history, literature, detective stories, fiction, and many more. When it comes to fiction, reading takes you to a completely new world

Doris Lessing once said that there is no doubt fiction makes a better job of the truth. Many people usually don’t prefer reading fiction because they believe that it’s all about imagination and is just a waste of time. This is not true, because reading fiction is one of the best ways to make our lives and ourselves more productive. It teaches how to live a good life.

Fiction helps us to understand other people

Fiction has the power to insert you fully and completely into somebody's mind. It's a blend between the minds of the reader and writer and the minds of the reader and character. It would be better to say that reading fiction enables you to see the world through a character's eye. When you read a history book it just gives you some dry facts but if you read historical fiction it makes you feel yourself in the middle of that time and allows you to touch and taste the world around you. Good fiction helps you to understand the perspectives that you have never observed before and it runs deep into the realms of psychology and philosophy. Reading fiction enables you to feel yourself in a completely different situation, this means you can be an explorer, a scientist, an artist, or a soldier

Fiction strengthens problem-solving skills

As physical exercise makes our body strong, similarly reading is an exercise of the brain, and it sharpens the brain. When we read a story or a book, our brain is continuously traveling with characters, and we are continuously exercising problem-solving skills. Characters in any story are presented with problems and in the entire story, they are continuously discovering solutions for their problems. In real life, relationships, and businesses problem solving is a wonderful skill

Fiction strengthens the ability to make connections

Whenever our brain tries to solve a problem, it makes connections and establishes links. Creativity is all about collecting small pieces of information and then connecting those pieces to make up something completely new and amazing. When you read the brain is processing all the possibilities, to fill up the gaps of information, these are the connections that you and your brain make, to sum up, pieces of information. While reading a story you connect the situations given by the writer to find out a solution, that is how your creativity helps you in establishing connections. The connections or links that you establish can be right or wrong, but in both cases, you are the winner because you are engaged in a creative process continuously.