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A-to-Z Guarantee Claims Plan of Action for Shipping Problems

Written by Ryan Smeltz


Posted on November 13 2019

As plenty of my audience sells on Amazon or wants to sell on Amazon, I thought I would start including some useful tidbits. This one is an example of a plan of action for A to Z Guarantee Claims when your account health is being threatened. As all of us know, it is never good to get your Amazon Seller account shut down, especially if that is your only sales channel. I use this general format any time an Amazon Seller account is about to get shut down. There is definitely more to the process than this, but if you go in with this as a template, it will help you in the long run.

Root Cause

  1. The root cause of the A-to-z claims is because items are being marked as shipped however are not being assured to get to the post office. Whether they pick up or we deliver, our staff should ensure packages are leaving the warehouse and getting shipped to the customers. Care is not being taken when sending orders and customer’s shipping labels are being mixed up. 


Actions taken to resolve complaints

  1. The actions we have taken to resolve the A-to-z claims are addressed the non-delivery and incorrect items with each individual customer and offered a replacement or refund to them. All customers gladly accepted one or the other or the claim was appealed due to the customer finding their package was delivered, but they did not see it at first. All claims have been resolved. 

Actions taken to prevent future complaints

  1. The steps we have taken to prevent A-to-z claims in the future are to have someone assigned to supervise the pickup and drop off of packages to the postal service every day. This program will be implemented with the following steps:
    1. Staff is trained on requirements to eliminate A-to-z claims.
    2. Warehouse managers ensure the process is immediately implemented.
    3. Staff will follow all new policies and procedures.
    4. Orders and shipping labels must be double-checked.

The new procedure will be to double check each order against the label information once the shipping label is printed. Once the staff is sure it matches, the label will be applied. When packages are ready for shipment, the warehouse manager will check the packages against the orders for the day to ensure they are all there. If the packages are not picked up, then the manager will delegate someone to deliver them to the post office. Upon completion, the staff will send a report back to the warehouse manager. 



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