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  • Why should I fulfill products instead of using FBA?

    What are the advantages of selling merchant fulfilled?

    When fulfilling your orders directly to your customers, the biggest advantages are being able to control your packing, being able to fulfill orders when FBA cannot (COVID-19 & pandemic problem) and being able to handle your own customer service. Of course, the advantage of automation still exists for sending in shipments to FBA, but fulfilling orders yourself definitely comes with its own advantages.

    One of the most important things when it comes to fulfilling by merchant, especially if you have more than one SKU, is being able to find the item. Granted that is another article entirely, setting up an easy to use and understand system will help tremendously. Overall, the best reason to use fulfilled by merchant is to help cut storage costs. If you own the place where you keep your inventory, then that completely eliminates storage costs. If you don't own it, it is more than likely still significantly cheaper than paying Amazon to store the items for you.

  • What is Amazon LTL and FTL Shipping?

    If you watched the video, you should have taken note of a few things they mentioned. If you didn't watch the video, then please take note of these precautions. No less than 150 pounds gross weight, no more than 1,500 pounds gross weight. No higher than 72 inches including the pallet, no more than 1 inch over on the pallet with the boxes. Make sure the pallet stands on its own before stretch wrapping, and make sure to use a proper four-way pallet. 

    A proper four-way pallet is key. Most people who have not shipped with a freight company before don't know what a proper four-way pallet looks like. A proper four-way pallet has a single runner down the middle and two grooves on each side. A proper four-way pallet is easy to be picked up and moved around with a forklift from any side. These pallets should be free of bad repairs. If there is a repair under the pallet, a forklift or pallet jack could catch on it and cause injury to the warehouse worker. This is true with almost any type of damage or repair to a four-way pallet.

    The best way to ensure your four-way pallets are good is to buy them.

  • How to Prep Private Label Products for FBA & Fulfill Merchant Orders

    What type of labels should I use for FBA shipments?

    This often throws people for a loop. How do I know which labels work for what purpose as they relate to FBA? The number one suggestion I always make is to not use the sheet labels on a traditional printer. Maybe I should have brought this up during the last section, but sheet labels are tedious and cause too many problems. Whatever you do, use one of the printers I recommended or at least the same style. 

    If you decide to use the Dymo printer, the two types of labels you can use are the 30252's and 30256's. The 30252's are best used for the FNSKU labels and you are usually able to set up the layout and format in whatever software you use to prep & list your items, whether Inventory Lab or TurboLister

  • A-to-Z Guarantee Claims Plan of Action for Shipping Problems

    ales channel. I use this general format any time an Amazon Seller account is about to get shut down. There is definitely more to the process than this, but if you go in with this as a template, it will help you in the long run.

    Root Cause

    1. The root cause of the A-to-z claims is because items are being marked as shipped however are not being assured to get to the post office. Whether they pick up or we deliver, our staff should ensure packages are leaving the warehouse and getting shipped to the customers.