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  • How to Prep Private Label Products for FBA & Fulfill Merchant Orders

    What type of labels should I use for FBA shipments?

    This often throws people for a loop. How do I know which labels work for what purpose as they relate to FBA? The number one suggestion I always make is to not use the sheet labels on a traditional printer. Maybe I should have brought this up during the last section, but sheet labels are tedious and cause too many problems. Whatever you do, use one of the printers I recommended or at least the same style. 

    If you decide to use the Dymo printer, the two types of labels you can use are the 30252's and 30256's. The 30252's are best used for the FNSKU labels and you are usually able to set up the layout and format in whatever software you use to prep & list your items, whether Inventory Lab or TurboLister