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Communication and Leadership: How to create good relationships with your team

Written by Ryan Smeltz


Posted on July 13 2020

What is a Good Team Relationship?

As a virtual leader, one of the many tasks you must do is to create a good relationship with your team. A good team relationship is when your employees trust you and are motivated to work for you. A good team relationship leads to a productive and positive working condition. It is an environment that allows you and your employees to work together and get things done through teamwork. In this kind of positive working environment, your employees will be in a state of positivity and openness. They are confident in your leadership and trust you to lead them. 

A good team relationship is a great bond between you and your employees. Once this bond strengthens, your organization will effectively and proficiently produce quality output. All the while working positively and motivated. A good team relationship also consists of a good line of communication where every matter is tackled.  Proper communication builds a good team relationship.

Why is a good relationship with your team important?

Every business needs a leader with a good relationship with its employees. It doesn’t matter what business it is, each member of its team is a person. People need a personal connection even at work. By building a good relationship with your team, everyone can properly communicate with one another. 

A good team relationship helps everyone perform better and value the work environment. Maintaining a healthy working environment avoids your business to have a toxic workplace. Giving importance to a healthy workplace is an excellent way to encourage everyone to positively produce quality work. If everybody in your organization feels important, and can openly communicate with one another, then everybody can enjoy working harmoniously. 

A good relationship with your team is essential, especially now that most businesses are online because of the pandemic COVID-19. Everyone is currently troubled by this global crisis happening around us. You can help ease your team’s working environment online by building your relationship with them. Help them perform at work, and receive quality output in return.

Without properly establishing a good relationship with your team can result in numerous negative effects on your business. It can greatly ruin your team’s effectiveness and even your business as a whole. Team relationship is what keeps your team together when performing tasks and activities. You cannot expect your team members to trust you if you have not built your relationship with them. 

How Can Good Team Relationships Help Improve your Team’s Skills?

Your employees can gain more knowledge when everyone is working together. Working together involves sharing skills that your employees can adapt and develop their character and skills. To motivate everyone to work together, you need to improve your relationship with your team and help them develop their relationship with everyone else. Teamwork helps increase the creativity of your members, too. More thinking individuals who are sharing ideas and knowledge means more possibilities to create good quality work output.

When your organization members have a strong team relationship where everyone is open, you will be able to achieve a motivating and creative working environment. Being able to achieve this is what being a virtual leader is all about; Helping team members improve their abilities and skills all the while making your business better. You help not only your business but also your team members. When your team members see that you also care for them and not only for your business, they will appreciate you as their team leader.

Team Relationship Boundaries

Building your team relationship is important, but you have to set boundaries. You have to make sure that everyone is still in line and that no one will take advantage of anyone. Sometimes certain individuals take advantage of being close to their team leaders to lessen their work or increase their salary based on their closeness. As a leader, you need to address everyone equally. No one should be ahead and gain advantages they do not deserve. It is your responsibility to treat everyone fairly, you cannot be a good virtual leader if you do not practice equality in your team.

How to Build a Good Team Relationship?

A great relationship with your members can go a long way. The best way to build your team relationship is by properly communicating with your team members. If your team’s relationship is strong, you and your team can perform every challenging task ahead. You cannot lead an organization if your relationship with your team is absent. When everyone can work positively even if sometimes mistakes are made is an example of a good relationship. With the use of Zoom, Skype, Messenger, and other online communications platforms, what exactly allows you to build a good relationship with your subordinates online?

Build Your Team’s Trust

To be able to motivate and inspire your team, you have to build your trust with them. Trust enables you to lead your team. It also helps increase your staff morale and productivity. The ability of your team to work together depends on how much your team trusts each other. Trust can be hard to build virtually because of the absence of personal interaction. But if you show that you can work honestly and competently, your team will trust you. 

Being Honest

You need to be honest with your team and respect their trust with you as their leader. Never manipulate your employees and use them to your advantage. Fraud is common online. A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to online work. If you want your business’s work area to be healthy, treat your employees accordingly with honesty. Your team will value your leadership and feel lucky they belong to an online organization that does not promote fraud.

Listen to Your Team

The best way to communicate with your team members is by knowing how to communicate with them. To achieve this, it is essential to hear what they have to say. Listen to them and understand what they have to say. By understanding them, you will be able to know the right thing to say. Listening to your employees helps them feel you are approachable and is willing to listen to their opinions and other matters about work. This act further motivates them to work with you.

Giving and Receiving Criticism

Criticism is a big part of every day’s work. Constructive criticism opens a path to improve the work results, skills, and performances of your employees. Teams need to exchange criticism to be able to create excellent work results. As a leader, you should know how to respectfully provide constructive criticism. And in turn, you should also know how to accept constructive criticism so you can further improve as a leader yourself. Showing your team that you can handle and provide criticism, they will see you fit to lead them.

Understanding Your Team’s Emotions

Emotions can affect your team and how your work area feels and performs. As a virtual leader, it can be hard to assess every member of your team’s emotions. You will not be able to observe their behavior or working attitudes when working online. The best way you can do is to reassure them that your line of communication is always open for any issues. Make your employees feel that aside from being their virtual leader, you are also their friend.

Promoting Respect

Respect is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspects of building a relationship with your team. You need to treat every individual with respect; create a positive working environment by sowing a respectful attitude. The absence of respect when communicating with your team members will lead to severe consequences. Disrespecting your team can tremendously reduce your organization’s productivity, create a toxic working environment, and even lose members of your team. No one wants to be disrespected, So always respectfully deliver your messages even when you need to show authority.

Guiding and Supporting Your Team

You can’t just expect your team to perform every request you make without providing proper instructions or materials. You need to give them instructions and assist just enough so that they can do the work. Do not act like a boss who frantically assigns tasks and expects employees to do it and receive an output quickly and correctly. Instead, take advantage of this opportunity to give instructions and ask them for any questions. Communication is key to allowing your employees to provide you with quality work output while keeping positivity afloat. You do not need to hold their hand, but simply provide valuable information to allow them to get the job done.

Understanding Your Team’s Members

This is important, especially when hiring virtual assistants online. When you hire employees for your online business, you will probably hire some who do not live in your country or share the same culture. You have to ask them for notifiable cultural information like religious and country holidays; Communicate with them if they can work during those holidays. The time zone of your employees is also essential when considering to hire virtual assistants. Hire the right individuals; those who are inclined with the way you want your business to run. 

Show Your Appreciation to Your Team Members

Praising your team members is essential to keep the morale of your members high. Show your appreciation every time they submit their work on time or when they submit good quality work. This helps them feel happy about their work and you as their leader. A positive mood towards work can increase an individual’s ability to submit better results to you.



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