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  • Leadership styles and traits

    Authoritative Style

    Authoritative leadership provides your employees with goals and objectives while allowing them insight and explanations on what and why these objectives are essential. You will set expectations while inspiring and encouraging your employees when trying to reach each goal. The expectations you will set allows your organization’s members to see the path where the organization is going and the possibilities once reaching each goal. Your employees can also freely choose their methods on how to achieve the objectives you have given.

  • Leadership in the Army: Care and Accountability

    As an army leader or NCO, you are also responsible for the well-being of the soldiers that you command. You will not only have to perform your tasks and achieve your mission, but you must also think about the status of the men you are commanding. Army leadership requires you to know your men; understand them by personally connecting with them. The ability to take care and be responsible for the condition of your men is part of being an NCO and will determine the outcome of your objectives. Army leaders must earn their men’s trust and show that they are competent to lead the unit. Through army leadership, you improve your unit as a whole to operate better and more effectively.
  • Communication and Leadership: How to create good relationships with your team

    A good team relationship is a great bond between you and your employees. Once this bond strengthens, your organization will effectively and proficiently produce quality output. All the while working positively and motivated. A good team relationship also consists of a good line of communication where every matter is tackled.  Proper communication builds a good team relationship.
  • What is Virtual Leadership

    Leading these groups through the use of online means is what a virtual leader is all about. Virtual Leadership is the ability to lead and motivate your employees through the internet. Virtual leadership properly supervises the members of each organization; allowing these individuals to properly attain their maximum potentials while being productive as much as possible. To be a great virtual leader, you have to handle the creation of goals and objectives that aim to further develop, not only your business but also your employees.
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