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What Happened?

Written by Ryan Smeltz


Posted on October 29 2019

Hello all!

Recently The Bearded Veteran has undergone many changes. Don't worry. All changes have been for the better.

After opening and subsequently closing our books store (Amazon Dud Liquidation) in 2019, we had the opportunity of partnering with ECOVS. Since June, we have been working on a project which has been near and dear to my heart: An eCommerce Center.

Let me explain. About 3 years ago, as most of you know, I heard a Gary Vaynerchuck video where he talked about scanning stuff and selling it online. Of course, that's how I got my business started. Though The Bearded Veteran has been intended as more of a personal brand from the beginning, I did not want to register multiple LLC's, so I have used it as my umbrella until recently.

While I was scanning and selling, I learned how to fire my boss and make enough money to at least sustain my ambition. The next thing I learned is I do not like the tedious work involved in preparing and sending shipments into FBA. My first solution was to find a local prep center capable of handling my books the way I wanted. Because the nearest one was an hour away and I did not care for their minimums, I chose to create my own.

Crowdfunding. That is an entirely different story, but I tried it and the truth is, I have some amazing friends. The Army has done this to us. Support regardless. I think I'll make that a shirt. My friends with whom I was stationed in the Army, and one friend I met after, gave me more support than anyone else. Needless to say, it did not go as planned. 

I wanted to start my own prep center. The plan was to hire people to run it while I worked on building relationships and getting clients. I could also continue to source books by proxy or even get them delivered in bulk from one of my many suppliers. As I said, it did not go as planned.

After I received some funds and started my store, I was presented with an opportunity I couldn't turn down. Kyo approached me and offered to combine forces to make my dream come true. The biggest difference is, he already had the funding lined up and had much bigger plans than what I had in mind: A nationwide company that provided full-service eCommerce services. I immediately took the idea and ran with it.

Of course, most of you are aware of ECOVS, who we are and what we do, but the goal is bigger. Much. Much. Bigger. So, as Cheif Operations Officer, I am setting out to build and apply patience. With the four pillars of eCommerce desperately needing to come together in local communities, I have made it my personal mission to make this happen. 

Thanks for reading. Stand by for consistency.

The Bearded Veteran Chief Operations Officer at ECOVS the Durham, NC eCommerce Center for Online Sellers



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