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What is Virtual Leadership

Written by Ryan Smeltz


Posted on July 03 2020

Today, a lot of online organizations are emerging every day. These online organizations, like any other group, require a skillful leader to become successful. Leading these groups through the use of online means is what a virtual leader is all about. Virtual Leadership is the ability to lead and motivate your employees through the internet. Virtual leadership properly supervises the members of each organization; allowing these individuals to properly attain their maximum potentials while being productive as much as possible. To be a great virtual leader, you have to handle the creation of goals and objectives that aim to further develop, not only your business but also your employees.

As a virtual leader, you are responsible for keeping your online organization together. You have to supervise and direct your subordinates through online means. This can be a difficult task, especially, because everything will take place on the internet. Virtual leadership will require you to have the correct set of skills that works well in an online environment. You must be able to assess every matter utilizing the available technologies around you to become a virtual leader. Proper communication between members of the organization and the virtual leader is key to allow your business to function successfully.

Organizations online will now require virtual leadership more than ever because of the pandemic we are experiencing in our world. City lockdowns, our fear of this new sickness called COVID-19, and the absence of any cure will, no doubt, halt every business that normally operates outside. Most of these businesses will try to transition all of its activities online to avoid a complete halt on its operations. It is up to virtual leaders to keep these businesses afloat online during these difficult times.  

Why is Virtual Leadership Important?

COVID-19 has devastated most country’s economies by halting our usual routines. Virtual leaders provide the necessary skills to successfully operate a business online. Through these leaders, an organization can still operate online and deliver valuable work output.  Virtual leaders are responsible for constructing each set of goals and objectives that will develop your business. The skills these leaders possess will help organizations prosper online. Virtual leadership is essential in identifying decisions and creating plans and objectives best suited when operating online.

Virtual Leadership keeps businesses, and their employees function with tranquility. Virtual leadership also aims to guide and help employees learn and gain more knowledge. By guiding and supporting your employees, you can motivate them. With motivated employees, your business operations will drastically improve. Virtual leadership serves as a beacon of inspiration for employees to properly work online.

In the absence of actual interaction with each other, the skills of a virtual leader are invaluable. In fact, it can be difficult to gain motivation when working alone at home. It is hard to stay motivated in an area that is not meant to conduct work. Unlike an office or a store where the mood is under a working environment, our homes tend to make us more relaxed. Virtual Leadership helps create a motivating working environment online that allows employees to feel ready for work. 

Important Virtual Leadership Skills

To become a virtual leader, you must possess skills that define virtual leadership. These skills will allow you to lead virtually with maximum effectiveness. Traits like technological awareness and being able to motivate your subordinates are essential in running an online business.

How Does Technology Help Your Organization?

The whole concept of online activities revolves around technology. A Virtual leader needs to be proficient in interacting with the necessary technologies to conduct business operations and employee communications. You will need to be knowledgeable in the usage of platforms like Zoom for communications and Google Docs for file sharing. Every process is digital and you must learn how to interact with various technologies that will help you build your organization online.

What is the Importance of Communication?

Being Able to flawlessly communicate online is a great skill virtual leaders need to possess. Communication allows everyone to collaborate and synchronize their work with each other. As a virtual leader, it is imperative that you can communicate with your subordinates clearly and understandably. Misunderstands are common online because of the absence of personal interaction. 

You cannot see your employee’s facial reaction and body reaction or hear their voice tone. It is up to virtual leaders to remedy that problem. through technical knowledge and the ability to use these technologies to create a proper bridge of communication.

Email messages, videos, and voice calls will be the foundation of your organization’s communication line. Leading via Zoom is one of many platforms that allow leaders to communicate with employees. Through Virtual leadership, the usage of these platforms becomes effective in leading, motivating, and inspiring your employees.

Why Do You Need to Build Your Employee’s Trust?

Trust is an essential aspect of any business, not just virtually. Although, online operations will require more trust from virtual leaders. Employees gain their motivation by trusting you as their leader. Your subordinates will act according to the trust that they have on you. 

Gaining their trust can be a difficult task. Your judgment will affect everyone and everything in your business. If your employees do not trust you enough, they will become less motivated working with you; thus generating a less significant output.

If your people trust you, you will be able to easily direct your people to perform certain tasks without them doubting you and themselves. Having their trust in your judgment keeps your people at ease and acts as their lifeline in performing difficult tasks. The more they trust you, the higher their confidence on you and on themselves will rise.

Why is Motivation Important?

Motivated workers result in great operation results. If an individual is motivated, he or she performs better. Motivation also allows your employees to learn more knowledge while performing tasks. The more motivated they are, the better they will learn and digest the knowledge they achieve each day. Motivated employees will also passively create a positive working environment that affects us all in our online work area.

Virtual leadership is the source of motivation for employees in your organization. As a virtual leader, you have to create ways of how employees will gain the will to work positively. A business with motivated employees is a competitive business; continuously striving and developing both employee skills and organization yields.

Why are Goals and Objectives Essential?

Goals and objectives provide everyone a direction. You have to guide your subordinates for them to know how they will invest their skills in your organization. Your guidance will act as a map for everyone and allow you to track your business' progress as a whole.

Take note that it is essential to set realistic goals and objectives. You have to identify which steps and procedures your members will have the ability to be able to conduct and achieve. It wouldn’t make any sense if your objectives are impossible to achieve. Setting up objectives requires a careful analysis of the current situation and available resources your business has. 

Why is Patience Important?

Patience plays a big part in online business. You can never avoid the occurrence of problems when running your business. When problems occur, sometimes you will not be able to control the situation properly and quickly. Like when your employees lose internet connection. Since everyone in your organization is working in their own homes, not everyone will have the same internet connection. Some may be slower than others.

Working with other people online who are not in the same country causes some concerns where you have to wait. They may work on their daytime while it is night in your area. You will have to wait longer than usual to receive the output from the tasks you have given them. You may need to wait for them to respond for almost a day, too. Or that their internet connection may be down and you have to also wait until it comes back up so they can work. There are a lot of problems that will require you to be patient. 

What Are The Available Tools You Can Use Online?

You have a wide variety to select from that can help you run your business online. Depending on what preferences you have for communication, you can use Facebook Messenger, DingTalk, Skype, or Zoom. Zoom is a great tool you can use to communicate with your team via video communications. Google even has a document sharing features like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Google Slides, which lets you create documents easily shareable across all your organization’s members.

Even though physical interaction is absent in the virtual world, it has a wide range of tools that will allow you to emulate normal activity through the internet. You can still use video chatting, voice chatting, and text messages to communicate with each other while having the experience of being in the same room together. Creating and sharing documents is easier more than ever, too, with how advanced our current technology is. That is why virtual leadership requires technological familiarity and skill. All these tools will be the cog machines that will help you run your organization.

Is Time Difference a Problem?

When launching your organization online, you will consider hiring virtual assistants who do not reside in the same city you are in; they may not even be in the same country as you. This is where the time zone comes into play. 

You must first consider if your organization can function if your virtual workers work in different periods. Is it okay if they work during the daytime in their country and nighttime at yours? Will your business still function as normal? You will base the details of your hiring information on your findings. 

A lot of virtual assistants are flexible with their time. But as a virtual leader, you should consider what your virtual assistants prefer. Hire those who will be compatible with how you run your business, and not just how skilled they are. Hiring the right people results in a better working environment and better progress. Hiring highly skilled individuals who do not share the same working idea as you or aren’t flexible can do more harm than good. Skills are important, but so is compatibility. The right individual is always the ideal working colleague.




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