Store Opening

We opened Saturday. Ever since we open the store, we have had an overwhelming response to the items we offer. The store includes my books as well as my partner's collectibles. All right, of course, run the bearded veteran and my partner, Hunter, runs Elf Ear Collectibles. On Saturday we had 35 people or more come through the door and just about as many purchased an item of one kind or another.

The truth is, I want the focus of my store to be more on the Amazon bookseller and e-commerce sellers. I want to be able to offer books at a low cost to other people who can then sell those books for a profit. My store will have not just the books, but also an educational platform and a monthly membership. The purpose of the books is like I just talked about where someone can buy them at a low cost and resell them. The goal of the educational platform is to offer regular classes. Scheduled for Tuesday nights starting in April from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Classes are for people who have just started selling on Amazon or are considering selling on Amazon. In class, they can get a primary education and Hands-On introduction to the software and also the processes I have used and experienced to sell on Amazon. The purpose of the monthly membership is for people who want to participate regularly in the store and everything it has to offer which will create a loyalty program so they can take advantage of things like the discount that comes with the membership. The monthly membership will include free eBooks which I write and sell through Kindle Direct publishing; they will also include a 10% discount starting April 1st and a 25% discount off every single class. All of this perks bundled with several others will hopefully offer the regular customer enough benefits that they will be able to turn a much higher profit with their business based off of what they learn from the classes.

Even though the bulk of my store focuses on the reseller, I have quite a few when to come in merely looking to read or collect books. What I did over the past couple of days is made contact with someone who was working in a bookstore which closed down in the local area. I talked to Anna and explained my problem of organizing the books in an orderly fashion, and we found some common ground when it comes to our goals, and she decided she would be willing to help me organize the books. Now my books are being arranged on the shelves in a manner where they can browse through by Common readers and book collectors and sellers, and purchased from my website or one of my 13 other channels. Hopefully, all of these processes combined with her organizational skills and my computer-based procedures will yield enough of volume we can continue to receive and process books regularly including selling through FBA and FBM.

I've said this before in episodes and mud podcast, but my number one goal is to help other people who are interested in selling online. If you have read through this article and have gained any value from it whatsoever, I would appreciate feedback no matter what kind. I am looking for constructive criticism, questions, concerns, hopes, dreams, fears, and anything else of which you can think. Feel free to send me a message on Facebook at or shoot me an email at Thank you so much once again to everyone who has made this possible. I hope everybody finds some value, entertainment, and education in the content I put out. Have a wonderful week, and I will see you on the flip side.

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