A Girl Named Lily Paperback – June 1, 2003

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Lily has been in a semi-happy relationship with Romance Williams for two years, but lately his taking her for granted isleaving very little romance between them. As Lily deals with her diminishing feelings, she happens to meet a sexy musician, Will Dickson, whose friends affectionately call Dick. Swept away in the charming song of Dick, Lily temporarily forgets about her waning relationshipnothing like a new Dick to get over an old Romance. However, when Romance proposes marriage, she is stuck in turmoil between a 2-carat rock and hard place. As she avoids making a decision and begins topursue writing, Lily runs into Mr. Wealth Fulmore, a millionaire real estate broker. As she tries to balance her feelings for all three, Lily is caught in an intimate bandy between Romance, Dick and Wealth. Who says a girl can't have it all? Which man willshe choose, or will she choose herself over all three? The hilarious ups and downs of Lily's love life will challenge everyone to take that daring look into mirror. Identifying with her sincerity, readers are sure to fallin love with this girl named Lily.


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