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ETHOS: We create a new standard of service and integrity for Veterans utilizing their VA Home Loan Guarantee.
MISSION: #VettedVA exists to 'Vet' or verify all information for the Veteran Consumer.
VISION: The VA Home Loan Guarantee is where we plant our flag 1st because we believe equal access to affordable homeownership opportunity is inherent to each individual and the lowest common denominator for financial success in America. Further, we believe Veterans are identified, targeted, and discriminated against as a definable 'class of consumer'.

A status as "Veteran" should not be significant when purchasing or refinancing a home. Discrimination, price gouging, and violation of privacy with trigger leads all seek to harm, remove, or molest the contractually earned benefit of the Veteran in ways that do not benefit them.

Vetted VA seeks to resolve these issues through Community, Collaboration, and Cooperation. We seek to create a new standard to serve Veterans utilizing their VA Home Loan Guarantee. VA benefit terms and services are clearly defined; Veteran's service purchased these Equal Credit Opportunity Rights and benefits through their years of service. We will ensure their benefits in homeownership are available to all Veterans in the way the commander initially intended.

STRATEGY 2019 - 2021: 
1. Communication through Social Media (Community)
-Awareness of the issues
-Awareness of the solutions
-Spreading truth by correcting falsehoods
2. Collaboration with like-minded Real Estate Professionals (those covered by RESPA)
-Engagement in dialogue
3. Cooperation within the industry
-Utilizing relationships to best serve the Veteran
-Sharing of access and resources to all 
-Providing training to all Real Estate Professionals

The goal of Vetted VA is to vet professional entities claiming to support and serve veterans while holding ourselves accountable to higher standards. Whether you are part of the community or just want to support a more trusted, but verified network, we have the apparel you need to demonstrate your support of Vetted VA.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly introduce a new partnership with The Bearded Veteran, Southpaw Laser Concepts, and Vetted VA, the Vetted VA Apparel Line. This clothing line is specifically designed with Veterans in mind. The number one goal with these is to contribute funds from Vetted VA towards perks for new Veteran homeowners. 

How to search for a Vetted VA mortgage broker.

Because The Bearded Veteran deals strictly in e-commerce, you can search for a broker on the Vetted VA homepage here. Vetted VA is here to eliminate all confusion and ensure Veteran homeowners get the care and support they need. Using a VA loan for the first time can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Making sure a Veteran first-time homebuyer doesn't make costly mistakes is exactly what Vetted VA is about. 

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