Collection: Vetted VA by Christopher Griffith

In Partnership with The Bearded Veteran.
ETHOS: We create a new standard of service and integrity for Veterans utilizing their VA Home Loan Guarantee.
MISSION: #VettedVA exists to 'Vet' or verify all information for the Veteran Consumer.
VISION: The VA Home Loan Guarantee is where we plant our flag 1st because we believe equal access to affordable homeownership opportunity is inherent to each individual and the lowest common denominator for financial success in America. Further, we believe Veterans are identified, targeted, and discriminated against as a definable 'class of consumer'. A status as "Veteran" should not be significant when purchasing or refinancing a home. Discrimination, price gouging, and violation of privacy with trigger leads all seek to harm, remove, or molest the contractually earned benefit of the Veteran in ways that do not benefit them.
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