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FBA Tools of the Trade

The goal of this page is to offer anything and everything I have found helpful in my FBA online selling journey. This page includes all the tangible tools for Fulfillment by Amazon. For written or software help and insight, visit my online selling blog. I hope you find the following information helpful.

Please be aware the following are affiliate links to my FBA tools. If you choose to purchase through these links, I do collect a small amount in exchange for the referral and for that I would like to thank you in advance. These links were generated by me, so these are all 100% authentic reviews and referrals. 

Bar Code Scanner

This is the best affordable 1D bar code scanner I have found on Amazon. I have used it for books, arbitrage, and all shipping plan creation. It has the capability of connecting via USB cord, 2.4 Ghz wireless adapter (USB, pictured), and bluetooth. It comes with a manual which will allow the sound to be turned off and change in between connections. If you order one and for any reason the manual doesn't work, email me at welcome@beardedveteran.com. Because I get so many emails, include "Eyoyo" in the subject. 

Bluetooth Headphones

If you scan things in stores, like books, then you probably have sound indicators set up, like on Scoutly. Most small stores dislike when scouters come in a make noise with their devices. Other stores don't like arbitrage scouters at all. Whether you're trying to reduce the amount of noise you make or are trying to be inconspicuous, these are the best & highest quality headphones I have found on the market. They are comparable to Beats without the price tag and have lasted longer than both pair of my power Beats together.

 Stretch Wrap

If you're sending pallets, then you have probably already bought some of this. This pack is best for someone just getting started. If you want to see an example of how to stretch wrap pallets, then check out one of my older videos here. 

Shrink Wrap

If you're handling arbitrage items, then you might want to protect them a bit more. Polyolefin 75 gauge centerfold is the best option for shrink wrap because it is safer in lower air flow areas and easier to shrink once you seal it. Often times, poly bags will do the trick. Amazon doesn't require poly bags on everything so sometimes shrink wrap can be a great option. I have used shrink wrap for all the books I send into Amazon and my customers love it. It ensures the quality displayed on the website is how the book arrives to their doorstep.

Clear Packing Tape

Of course if you're sending in large shipments for FBA, then packing tape is necessary. If you haven't noticed, most of what I have listed is in bulk. The reason I focus on bulk is because it is cheaper to buy in bulk per piece when you're in it for the long game. These items in bulk don't take up that much space and cheap tape comes in handy.

I will say I'm able to get this tape closer to $1 per roll, but that's a local wholesaler. If you have your EIN and know of a local wholesaler that sells stuff cheap, then you can get your supplies there and save more money. Also, my local wholesaler is an hour away, so it is definitely more convenient for me to get it from Amazon.

Dymo Product & FBA FNSKU Labels

Of course, the 30252 labels are the product labels used for Dymo however, these are again purchased in bulk. Two rolls at Office Depot in the off season cost $25 plus tax. Amazon charges $0.20 per item for FNSKU labels and there is no guarantee they get it right. It is hands down cheaper and more accurate for you to label your own items or hire a prep center who has a vested interest in being accurate. At this price, each 30252 label costs less than one cent each. These are the cheapest ones I were able to find. 

Dymo Shipping & FBA Box Labels

Just like the previous labels, but 30256. These are larger and better for shipping labels. I have used these for both UPS and FBA labels. It is a challenge from a formatting standpoint. I use Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro and edit the labels to split them and fit them onto the 30256 size Dymo labels for FBA shipping.

I did it this way because I had the Dymo Twin Turbo and wanted to be able to print product labels and shipping labels at the same time without having to switch rolls or printers. If you have a Zebra or Rollo, then you may want to use larger labels. Of course, UPS also offers full size shipping labels which work perfect for FBA and these are free if you have a UPS account, which is free to set up. 

Shrink Wrap Heat Sealer

The reason I am recommending this sealer is because I made the mistake of getting a 12" sealer the first two times I bought one. Because the polyolefin I recommend is 12" across, the 16" sealer allows for extra space and easier control. If you get the 12" one with 12" polyolefin, you will end up cutting or tearing your shrink wrap and this will cause much more waste than needed. The reason I recommend this one is because I already have a setup for the roll to sit on. If you need a bar for the roll of shrink wrap too, then I would consider a combo. Since I haven't used one of those, I do not have one to recommend here.

Heat Gun for Shrink Wrapping

Of course if you're getting polyolefin and a sealer, you will need a heat source to shrink the shrink wrap. Although you can get sets, I decided to buy them separately because this allowed me to get them slightly cheaper. This heat gun is the cheapest option I was able to find at the time and once you master your shrink wrapping technique, the type of heat gun doesn't really matter. 

 Dymo Twin Turbo Printer

You heard me talk about the different labels earlier, well here is my favorite printer. It's fast, affordable, and easy to use. It also integrates with most third-party web based Amazon software such as Scanlister, Inventory Lab, Sellbrite, Seller Central, and Shopify. Now you can print all the labels you need one at a time.

Scotty Peelers

Scotty peelers are the best for taking stickers off books and other retail arbitrage items. I recommend the ten pack for anybody who can't keep track of their tools, wants one in every location they prep, or plans on hiring other people in the future. The truth is, you only need one, but the are very affordable, so it never hurts to have more than one. 

Additional Information

For FBA there are always other tools and options available. You can read more about other ones I have used or encountered on the blog. The tools listed here are just simple, budget friendly options for people just getting started. I would never recommend someone buy something they don't need, but as the needs arise, a quality tool at an affordable price is a must.