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The Bearded Veteran Company Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide a book's condition?

We mirror the Amazon grading policy and use the following conditions:

1. Used - Like New: Typically a book that appears new in all aspects with little-to-no wear and tear.
2. Used - Very Good: Books in this condition have very minor signs of use and may include some warped covers, or a very minor smudge.
3. Used - Good: This is the most common condition of used books and includes everything from library bindings to writing, highlighting, and dog-eared pages. A book in good condition could also include a broken spine (hardcover) or a creased spine (paperback).
4. Used - Acceptable: Acceptable condition includes discolored and torn pages and books without a dust jacket. This means the book itself could be immaculate, but missing the dust jacket. 

What is the difference in the book formats?

We use the following formats to identify the books:

1. Hardcover
2. Paperback
3. Board book
4. Spiral binding
5. Mass market paperback

These are mostly self explanatory however, some people do not know what mass market paperbacks are. 

What is a mass market paperback book?

Mass market paperback books are the same as the original hardcover or softcover, but they are small enough to fit in a large pocket or in your glove box (book box? Lol).