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7 Things Hell Never Tell You But You Need To Know Used Book

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Kevin Leman wants you to know that men are less complicated than you give them credit for. At the core of men, you'll find a sensitive, emotional being that needs to feel loved, respected and needed. Men are very protective of their core. It's this protective behavior that keeps men from openly sharing their feelings with women. But, Kevin Leman knows that the more you understand and are sensitive to the fears, anxieties, and insecurities that make the men in your life behave the way they do, the stronger your relationships will be.

Editorial Reviews

From the Inside Flap Ever wonder why your guy considers a grunt a paragraph? sometimes acts like a two-year-old? doesnt notice the disaster in the family room? has a one-track mind, even when youre not in the mood? acts jealouseven of the kids? "7 Things Hell Never Tell You" reveals whats at the very center of your man and what he craves the most (even if he doesnt talk about it). So why not catch his heart? If you do, hell be your hero . . . when you need him the most. From the Back Cover Want to know *why your guy shuts down, gets angry, and gives you the silent treatment? *what would turn him into the kind of guy who is attentive, listens to you, respects you, helps you around the house, is a great dad, and loves you the way you want to be loved? You've seen Dr. Kevin Leman on "The View, " on "Oprah, " and on all the morning shows, helping thousands of women have the kind of relationship they not only want but deserve. "All you have to do is tap into some simple, basic things," Dr. Leman says, "and he'll do anything to please you." "7 Things He'll Never Tell You" reveals why the pathway to a man's heart is so narrow. What your man wants the most: A. Sex B. Dinner C. More of A D. Respect E. Money and success Answer on p. 177 How often does a man think about sex? A. As much as you B. 10 times as much as you C. 33 times as much as you D. Every day but April 15 E. Only on days that end in the letter Y Answer on p. 177

About the Author

Dr. Kevin Leman, an internationally known psychologist, radio and television personality, and speaker, has taught and entertained audiences worldwide with his wit and commonsense psychology. The best-selling and award-winning author has made house calls for hundreds of radio and television programs, including The View with Barbara Walters, Today, Oprah, CBS's The Early Show, Live with Regis Philbin, CNN's American Morning, and LIFE Today with James Robison. Dr. Leman has served as a contributing family psychologist to Good Morning America. He is the founder and president of Couples of Promise, an organization designed and committed to helping couples remain happily married. Dr. Leman and his wife, Sande, live in Tucson. They have five children.


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